R&B Singer Miguel flying kicks a Fan At Billboard Awards

miguel billboard leg drop

Last night while I was watching the Billboard Awards I was gifted with this little bit of social media gold. While performing Adorn, R&B singing sensation Miguel decided that it would be a good idea to leap over the crowd to get to the catwalk runway (presumably for dramatic effect). The only problem with this was that he miscalculated, ending up drop kicking the crap out of a fan in “the pit”.

It was a drop kick that even Hulk Hogan would have been proud of, just a shame that it had to be a fan on the receiving end and not Miguel himself. The fans he skopped were later seen being interviewed while kicking it (see what I did there?) with Miguel backstage holding ice-packs. Nice.

This being the internet, someone has already created a meme that features commentary from WWE announcer Jim Ross that is more than hilarious (in tears here).


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