Ray-Ban Presents: Jozi On Fire with Nechama Brodie & Death By Misadventure

They’re back this month for some more good times and vibes on the last Wednesday of October. This month Nechama Brodie & Death By Misadventure are set to rip a sonic hole through Openroom while MC Dan Apter will keep you entertained with high fives and jokey jokes yo.

Venue: Openroom Studios | 116 Greenway Street | Joburg

Entrance : FREE AS A BIRD

Time : Music starts at 8pm sharp


Odd Café will keep you sufficiently hydrated with a 2 for 1 tequila special from 8:30pm – 9:30pm.


Jozi On Fire is proud to be affiliated with Luxottica’s OneSight, a family of vision care charities dedicated to providing healthy vision, eyewear and sun protection to those in need worldwide.

Support them and OneSight by spreading the word of their awesome cause and giving back to those in need by going here – http://bit.ly/ZdBrjz

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