Rave makes all TV better

The other day I was getting into one of my favourite past-times of watching National Geographic Wild Channel on DSTV with the audio turned off while listening to rave (don’t pull your face like that- its actually rather entertaining) when my deep moment of introspection was interrupted by the auto-tune feature. Unfortunately the remote wasn’t close enough for me take a break from lounging in my chair and change the channel back to what I was watching, forcing me to watch an entire episode of 3Talk with Noeleen while Matt Darey was blairing out of the speakers in the background (due to my laziness).

What I realized is that I might have stumbled upon the secret to making the most boring of SABC tv shows exciting beyond the expectation of even the most ardent boardmember- In fact I think that we should all have the option of replacing the audio on shows like 3Talk and X with a selection of uplifting and progressive trance. You see as soon as there’s something with a bit of a beat, build up and break in the song- it becomes fairly easy to pretend that the folks on screen have synchronised their movements to the arrangement of the latest in Search of Sunrise double cd from Tiesto- and this is far more interesting than anything that could possibly come out of Noeleen “I am the only one that can pronounce my surname” and her very extremely interesting choice of headgear and flowing attire.

Seriously… you should try it- next time something really crappy comes on, pop in your most raver cd- hit mute on the TV and enjoy the almost instant improvement in the entertainment value of whatever you’re watching.

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  1. Strangely enough, I had a similar experience over the weekend… due to a combination of unusual(for most) circumstances, I managed to complete an entire evening of TV viewing with no sound and only a selection of uplifting and progressive trance music to take my mind on a lil trip. The images on the screen just gave my eyes something to watch while my soul absorbed the music, was mystical!

    But in conclusion, I think good old rave make most things better 

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