Rastamouse- The most irie show on TV

After that absolutely amazing long weekend and break from everything work-related we decided that it was best to return with some serious news about a Rastafarian mouse.

In the past we covered a certain kids tv series that wasn’t really aimed at children called the Magic Roundabout. We were convinced that all the characters in the show were actually on drugs. With Cbeebies’ latest show about crime-busting Rastafarian mice, there is far less subtlety- you just know this is the most irie mouse on TV.

Since the programme intended for kiddies aired it has been the most complained about children’s programme of the year. Rastamouse has attracted more than 200 complaints due the way it ‘stereotypes black people along with the patois language used by most the Jamaican mice’.

The show features an all-mouse reggae band called Rastamouse and Da Easy Crew. Rastamouse spreads love, peace and respect as the leader of the Easycrew. When he’s not jamming with the band, he solves mysteries for the President of Mouseland, who contacts him on a little two way radio. He uses patois language and phrases like ‘me wan go’ for ‘I want to go’ and ‘wagwan’ for ‘what’s going on?’.

To be fair to all the parents who have complained, I’m not sure that the show is going to improve the English-speaking ability of the kids under six- who the show is actually aimed at. Since I caught the very first episode, I’ve been hooked. I mean it’s a friggin rasta mouse who says irie a lot- what more could you want out of a show?!

Here’s a clip of one of the Rastamouse episodes… What do you think? Overly offensive, or should these parents get over it and embrace the irie vibes of peace and love between all mice? Rastamouse airs daily on DSTV channel 306.

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