Rapt.fm hosts live video rap battles on the internet


This is a pretty cool little startup founded by entrepreneur Erik Torenberg called Rapt.fm, which aims to provide a platform where live rap battles can happen between people from different parts of the interwebs. I for one, have definitely sat alone thinking “hey I wish there was someone who I could spit my venomous cyphers to” many a time and now I don’t need to worry about offending my cat with my rhymes.

Think of it as a video chat on Skype, except with a backing track and the chance to get noticed by the internet community that is part of the Rapt.fm family. Users from all over the world can rap, watch, and vote for who they like best. They’re currently hosting a rap contest on YouTube with Tommy Boy Records, with the prize of a record contract for the winning rapper.

Here’s a compilation of a few battles that have already taken place:


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