Rapper films a freestyle for Youtube while SWAT surrounds his house

rapper gets surrounded by SWAT

Finally, someone is bringing a little bit of streetcred back t0 the rap game – a video of an aspiring 19-year-old rapper who is accused of trying to stab his roomates with a knife, spitting a freestyle, while SWAT surrounds his house to arrest him has emerged on the internet.

Apparently, Adequate Advocate, real name – Josh Jackson recorded the freestyle while police surrounded his house and began methodically working their way inside to arrest the teenager. The guy’s rap is pretty decent considering the fact that he’s about to be hauled off to jail – only stopping his rhyme when the police throw a flashbang grenade into the house. I’m not really sure that he’s record deal material, but you have to love the fact that he’s bringing a bit of gangster back into rap.


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