Rampaging Goat causes terror in Brazil

rampaging goat brazil

You couldn’t even make up a headline as ridiculous as this, yet someone out there has managed to catch a rampaging goat in a Brazilian village on film, much to the enjoyment of the internet at large. This particular goat had a bad reputation for harassing the local villagers, having battles with them as they tried to pass.

At one point in this video, the escaped goat unleashes a new brand of terror on the village of Londrina in Southern Brazil, by charging a lady who was just minding her business and then leveling her. Some guy tries to help and ends up getting flattened by the crazy goat as well. Eventually after frankly far too long, some courageous goat wrestler appears to restrain the goat, preparing it for the barbeque (it’s not like he was going to return it to the farm after the trouble it caused).

Goats man… can’t live with them, can’t live without them.


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