RAMfest Update!

Here is a little note from the guys over at RAMfest…

“Hi Everyone

There has been much speculation and rumours going around about RAMfest CPT changing to a 1 day event.This is true… But before you loose your shit, take a few moments to consider….

We will still have a campsite and we are working on more great additions to cater for your camping needs.

The venue in CPT is only 25km from the Mother City, this allows for easy access in and out.

Ticket prices will be significantly cheaper to accomodate your pockets.

There will be more and better quality international acts. 2  Main stages: 1 catering for Rock / Metal and alternative music as well as 1 for the Electronic heads. It will be the greatest 1 day experience you’ve ever had.

We at RAMfest HQ has decided to follow suit of the very succesful BIG DAY OUT and SOUNDWAVE festivals in Australia to name but a few. The main reason behind the change is because by doing this we can bring YOU the music that you’ve always wanted to see. We are also pioneering the festival industry in SA by visiting 5 cities, hopefully we can grow these cities to full 1 day events with top class international acts in every city in the future.

This does not mean that RAMfest will be a 1 day event for ever, but we need to be able to grow this as a whole for now. Please do not be short sited, try to see what this will do for the greater music scene of South Africa.

Take our hands in pursuit of our dream to bring more, bigger alternative acts to South African shores…

see you there!”


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