RAMfest – 4 – 6 March 2011


RAMFest 2011

As the summer season hits its peak so does the festival circuit. RAMfest is upon us once more.
This year, RAMfest, boasts 3 venues, Spanning 3 cities, over 5 days , across 6 stages. That’s right! RAMfest will be visiting 3 major cities in 2011. This helps to cement the events reputation as South Africa’s Ultimate Rock Festival.
RAMfest has left a permanent footprint on the live music scene……Celebrating 5 years of Rock n Roll, …the festival is set to raise the bar yet again.

CPT: Nekkies Holiday Resort, Worcester
4, 5 and 6 March 2011

This year at RAMfest, expect much more than you could have ever dreamed of! Not only are we going to deliver the music that you all love, we’re also breaking into some new genres that we feel deserve showcasing. If you thought the festival was good, great, fun, mind-blowing or any other positive adjective that you might want to use, then how do we prepare you for what’s about to come?!?
Open your mind! If you thought that the festival was only to bring music to your ears then think again. We’re adding a bigger Dance stage, more and better camping as well as a couple of surprises. Fasten your seatbelts for the thrills that are about to jolt you like lightening.

Calling all fearless warriors, emotionally stunted, corporate sucks, internet tycoons, recently single ready to mingle, goody-two-shoes, rebels with and without a cause, blacksheep, white sheep; this means YOU!! Hell we’re even calling the Little Green men out in space if they can hear us!!
Come get sunburnt with us!

::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: LINE UPS :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

:: MAIN STAGE:: Hosted By John Vlismas
Not My Dog
Die Antwoord
Zebra & Giraffe
Van Coke Kartel
Ashtray Electric
The Revelators
The Great Apes
7th Son
Blk Jks
Desmond & The Tutu’s
Mr Cat & The Jackal
The Pretty Blue Guns
Ree – Burth
Dance, You’re on Fire
The Sleepers
Lonely Dave Ferguson
7th Son
Mix N Blend (Live)

::TENTED STAGE:: by Metal4Africa
Mind Assault
Contrast The Water
Down on the First
The Dead Will Tell
Moment of Clarity
The Broken Result
Haggis & Bong
Symphonic Schizophrenia
Theatre Runs Red
a Walk With The Wicked

Tom Deluxx (Fra)
Double Adapter
Battle Beyond The Stars
Enough Weapons
El Gordo
Ill Tastic
Tommy Gun
Mr Sakitumi
Bruce WIllis
Jam Jar
P.H Fat
Mr. Bong
Sedge Warbler

::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: TICKETS ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Available at www.ticketbreak.co.za

Full Camping Weekend R450
Sunday Pass R100

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  1. Hello Lauren 🙂

    We wish we could but apparently they are all allocated to other blogs other than MyCityByNight which is quite a pity as I know a lot of people are keen for RAMFest here in CT. Oh well, always next time.

    I am still holding thumbs on the possible ticket or two being thrown our way.

    Lets see what they have to say!

    *hold thumbs*

  2. hi 🙂

    do you by any chance have a list of the days and times each of them will play?!


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