RAM FKN JAM Vol. 18 – Born To Raise Hell


This weekend, one of Cape Town’s longest standing rock nights, Ram Fkn Jam returns with two of the baddest rock jocks out there. Chopper Charlie and Iron Leyden will be summoning their best tunes (and air guitars) for a night of madness, which almost always ends in you losing something… like your dignity.

SGT. Pepper once again plays host to a sinful selection of classic rock with just the right amount of metal sprinkled on top to make a lovely rock sandwich, capable of satisfying even the most ardent rocker’s musical appetite. If you like your music less uns uns uns and more bow-wow-wow then this is a party you definitely cannot miss.

Listen up here, I’ll make it quite clear
I’m gonna put some boogie in your ear
Shake and bop, don’t you stop
Dance like a maniac until you drop


larry leydenIRON LEYDEN

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