Rally fans cheat death in epic car crash

rally fans cheat death

This is the one reason why I would never take up an offer to watch rally cross racing at a track – there’s a good chance that you’re going to get killed by an out of control car (as good as the drivers are, the margin for error is unbelievably small).

The fans in this clip were lucky to survive the crash that took place at Jolly Rally Valle d’Aosta 2014 this past weekend, as an out of control car ploughed into the barricade where they were seated, missing them by literally centimeters. It’s one of the craziest crashes I’ve ever seen and to think that not a single person was injured in it is nothing short of a miracle.

If anyone of them weren’t religious before, I’m pretty sure they are now. Phew… definite squeaky bum moment.

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