Raise The Roof For Education – A Lapdesk Initiative


Jozi, get ready to party for a good cause. On The Go productions have pulled together an awesome line up for an awesome initiative, take a look at what the crew had to say:

“This is a fundraising event to generate sufficient funds to donate Lapdesks for 3 local schools in the Paindane area of Mozambique.
Alongside the Lapdesk donations we will also be providing them with books and stationery that have already been donated, among other items.
As they have no school desks, the main focus will be to provide them with Lapdesks. To find out more about Lapdesks, you can view the full Lapdesk website on www.lapdesk.co.za.
Ticket costs per head will be R170.00.
The cost of the ticket will include entrance to the venue, finger cocktail snacks and a guaranteed draw card for the grand prize to be given away on the evening. (A Holiday in Mozambique at Lighthouse Reef).
We have many other prizes that we will be giving on the evening. Prizes will include: Fashion Vouchers, Fragrance Vouchers, Clothing Merchandise, Cases of Vitamin Water and Spa Vouchers.
DJ Line Up for the night includes:
Shawny B
Erica Elle
Ricardo Da Costa
Roger D’ Lux
Nick Essential
We also have a Facebook page for this event the link is: (click here)
The events page link is: (click here)

Looks good doesn’t it? Well get involved and get your tickets now cause this is going to be one heck of a party!

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