Racial Comment Ends In KO

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A racial slur at the Cape Quarter in Cape Town, ended up with a guy being kicked unconscious.

To be brutally honest, it’s sad to even be posting this on numerous levels, and there isn’t much to say here, other than the sheer disappointment that this kak is still happening!

Sure there is the argument that ‘violence isn’t the answer’ or ‘that it could’ve been dealt with differently’ etc etc etc… BUT, in reality, this sort of kak from someone is just far more out of order! It’s almost 2015, a whole new generation has been born and grown up in the awesome of SA, and when you see this, it makes everyone miff and affects us all. Lets not let the few ruin that!

According to the uploader, SA Daily News they say the following:

White guy gets a knock out kick for calling a Black guy a K***** at an ATM at Cape Quarter, Cape Town.
“The White guys were taking too long at the ATM, and when asked to hurry, they replied saying: ‘you dirty black k*****……..'”

Do you know the guy/s in the video? What your views?

[UPDATE 11:13] We feel that it’s worth noting, that according to some comments on our Facebook page, the guy in yellow has brain damage due to a car accident.

[UPDATE 16:15]
VIA LifeIsSavage:

from an eyewitness who says she was there and saw what happened before and after the incident.

“I wish this video showed the full context. I was there. Not only were these 2 “men” racist before they started with the K word they were offensive to the women in the queue as well. The name calling went on for about 3-5minutes before this guy actually got physical with him. This altercation and screaming started simply because we asked them to hurry up after waiting 6 minutes while they fumbled to draw money in their drunken state. Also post this the security guard helped this guy up and a few minutes later we watched him scream at the very same security guard saying he was useless and worthless and probably only earns R4000 per month. I do not condone violence but I was very close to punching this guy in the face myself.”

“2 more security guards came to help but they both got verbally abused by the same guy they were assisting.”

Racial Comment Ends In KO

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  1. Fucking finally my brothers start stepping up and putting racists pricks to sleep.

  2. I work as a bouncer and the amount of violence was inappropriate. Anyone condoning the kick seriously needs to look inward at who they are and what they wish society to be. Not cool

    1. Agreed. Kicking a guy with full force directly to the head while he’s basically defenseless? Definitely excessive.

  3. I’ve drawn money at that same ATM and the fucking machine is so god damn slow( probably a pentium2 ) and there was a gay and straight guy when I drew money, same sort of shit went down. There is two sides to a story REMEMBER THAT PEOPLE… doesn’t matter how long a person takes at an ATM be patient and CALM YOUR FARM, nobody throws racial slurs for no reason, ever think that he might have been grossly provoked, not that it is an excuse if it really happened. What would you do if you busy at an ATM and a bunch of guys interfere with your transaction, in this bloody crime ridden country of ours. The guy in yellow clearly asks him who called you a k repeatedly…I wouldn’t be surprised if the black guy cried wolfe just so that the other guy doesn’t press charges. Haven’t we learned from Oscar Pistorius, what if he kicked that guy on the temple and he died, he wouldn’t upload the video then… Also we don’t see the “Alleged calling of the k word” all we see is a black guy attacking a white guy at an ATM on video… if this goes to court who do you think will win on charges of assault…This is a very one sided biased poorly written article that only goes on hearsay. BAD BAD REPORTING GUYS

    1. Hi Mario,

      Thanks for the feedback and view.

      You can see from the update above, there is more info now.

      1. Both sides were in the wrong I agree, but still just the assault part was filmed, the rest is all he said she said. If everybody just calmed their farms, and not interfere in their transaction none of this would’ve transpired. We’ve all waited for longer than 6mins for some old lady, illiterate, or blind person, at an ATM at some point or another in our lives, busy paying their home loans what ever the heck it is people do, it is frustrating, easier to let it go then to throw fuel to a fire… I don’t actually want to get involved in this he said she said, but according to other sources the guy was not drunk, some people tried to intervene in a heated argument and got caught in the cross fire, now their reputations are also tarnished, due to two meat heads going violently at each other, it so unnecessary. This video was posted prematurely for its sensationalist content, and now the fact finding “updates” are getting tagged on via, via, via, this one and that ones grapevine, it should’ve been done first. Did nobody think that in this 58 seconds the video shows one guy that kicks another guy violently in the head nothing more nothing less, if their are no witness statements, because people don’t want to get involved, what will stand up in court. I’m not picking sides if the yellow shirt guy said what they say he said then he is just as wrong as the guy that kicked him in the head, and he did kick him in the head, that is the hard concrete evidence of the video.

    2. Ahh just shut your mouth man, he obviously got what he deserved! He knows that is the last word he should have said! If There was a rude word for white people to be called and someone called you it I’m sure if you’re old enough you’ll want to stand up for yourself! That white guy tried to be cool and cocky but in the end he got put in place and knocked the fuck out – I think it’s brilliant 🙂

  4. Disgusting. Ther is NO reason to EVER kick a person in the face when they are already lying onthe ground. Pog.

  5. Im a driver in CBD and many of the white people i drive are still living in apartheid era… They still think of us coloureds and blacks as nothing they forget the reason they are were they are today is because there parents could afford private schools and the best education which they benefitted from the apartheid era. Dont talk about the boere living in durbanville area, when they gesuip they might be joking but ask me to knock “kaffers over and they will pay me” so racism is still alive and kicking dont be fooled by the white people! They think fokkel of you if you not white… I see it everyday!

  6. Leaving race out of this for a moment. The guy in the yellow shirt does seem obnoxious and drunk. He also looks like he is always looking for trouble. If a black guy called me a “boer” and acted int he same way he would have also gotten a kick to the head. This black guy didn’t deserve the verbal abuse. He seems like a decent guy. I think the guy got what was coming to him. Maybe a few more kicks to the head and he’ll come right

  7. People South Africa’s wounds never healed but festered under the plaster the actor Nelson Mandela and the CIA put on the SA wound. The people of SA never took their land /country back and earned the respect of the oppressor so blatant arrogance and racism will exist until they take what is rightfully theirs. Sad but true

    1. Look at history Blacktorpedo. WE are all colonizers. The whites came from the South. The blacks from the North. SA rightfully belongs to the Khoi San and Bushman who are clearly the Minority and get treated the worst by both blacks and whites. If you believe that Blacks are the only Africans you have it wrong. Any person wether they are black, white , coloured or yellow and BORN IN SOUTH AFRICA are rightfully SOUTH AFRICAN. So tell with racisim and stop preaching that your black brothers are doing the right thing. Stop following your Std 5 President because he is the biggest racist.

      1. Ja my broe ek is nou nie a black from the north but lineage from the ancestors of the Cape who lived in the shadow of Hoerikwagoe. The land is gonna bleed and you gonna run or have to fight either way you done. So leave while you can otherwise bleed

  8. I do know both guys!
    Did not know the older one knew the one in the yellow shirt as he (T-shirt) was living in Joburg till not so long ago.
    Younger guy was in a coma for 6 months and really is not all there!
    Was banned/barred from Amuse cafe in Linden 4 months ago for same agro deformative comments to me! (owner Amuse cafe)

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