RA Horizons Presents: Seth Troxler (USA)

Resident Advisor presents Horizons, a worldwide series of events connecting widely-loved electronic artists with inspired clubs and promoters working outside the established global club circuit, to celebrate their contribution to underground music as part of small, but very dedicated scenes.

For our two events in South Africa, we’ve tapped your #2 DJ of 2011 and probably the biggest personality in house music today – Seth Troxler. It’s always hard to know where to start with Troxler: the Michigan-born 20-something has become an icon of club culture in the past few years, thanks to his label and DJ outfit, Visionquest, and his countless gigs around the world each year, including regular spots at premiere clubs like DC-10 and Fabric.

RA ramps up production for the night with sound courtesy of Red Bull Music Academy, who will install the rig they built at last year’s Maximum Signal Control, with a diverse team of talented locals in support.

– Seth Troxler (USA)
– Killer Robot



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