So I popped off to the Taste of Cape Town Festival on Saturday and let me tell you, the food was out of this freaking world. I munched everything from pork belly (sorry my halaal & kosher followers) to oysters with a cucumber ginger foam (which was so good that it was emotional).

While I was chilling out in the Heineken tent listening to some minimal beats dropped by dj man pf mystery Andrew Winer, an idea popped into my head… What if you were to find the designs of the much beloved Star Wars character R2D2 and build a similar more drunken robot alternative capable of rolling around your house and serving you a fresh Heini when the need arose?!!

I did some digging around the internet and saw that someone else had already beat me to what could possibly be the best invention of this century…

Ladies and Gentlemen, I introduce to you- R2Beer2


He might not be able to repair your X-wing Star Fighter but at least you’ll always have a sub-zero beer on hand 🙂

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  1. This would be king if it could also clean up your house, and cook, and its docking station doubled as a powerplate while it recharged, this means u could real be fit, clean and well fed drunk slob, I am not sure if I am sold on foam on the oysters, it just makes me think of eating sea scum…

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