Quite odd that they’ve designed the Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup Stadium to look like a vagina

qatar 2022 vagina stadium

The first images of the Qatar’s proposed Al-Wakrah 2022 World Cup stadium have just made their debut on the internet, leaving us along with the rest of the public wondering why they’ve made it look like a massive vagina.

The official word from Aecom, the company in charge of its design say that the stadium is supposed to resemble the sails of a dhow boat, which is traditionally used for pearl fishing in the region – we can clearly see otherwise:

qatar 2022 stadium

Here are some highlights from the press release that make jokes about the stadium FAR TOO EASY:

“Inspired by the dhow boat that carried generations of local fishermen and pearl divers, the stadium weaves together Qatar’s past with its progressive vision for the future.

“Sustainable materials and practices will be used throughout the stadium and the pitch and spectator stands will be cooled to a perfect temperature for football.

“Al Wakrah Stadium is truly the start of something amazing.”

What’s next guys… a penis stadium?

The clip below provides a closer look inside the 40 000 seater ‘vagina stadium’ (jokes for days).

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