Put Foot Rally 2011- 7 countries, 7 checkpoints, 7 parties, 7000kms in 17 days

I found out about the Put Foot Rally while scrolling through my list of followers on Twitter after having to re-install the app because of the disappearance of the epically cool Ubertwitter- and let me just say, I was intrigued. What is the put foot rally all about? Well read just a little bit more…

Modeled on the old Camel Trophy vibe from yesteryear where all the hardest okes cruised through Africa, conquering the epic terrain as they went along. The only difference with the Put Foot rally is the fact that its open to all, incorporates partying, comradeship and is linked to a charitable cause. If you take part in this rally you will have the opportunity to check out:

South Africa – Have your breath taken away by Table Mountain or dodge taxis in the hub of Africa: Johannesburg,
Namibia – See the Big Five and the greatest collection of Africa’s animals running wild in Etosha Park,
Botswana – Experience the sounds of the Okavango Delta at night or see the Salt Pans… remember Top Gear,
Zambia – Feel the soft wet mist emanating from the tons of water crashing over the Victoria Falls,
Malawi – Go fishing or diving in the crystal water of the great Lake of Stars,
Mozambique – Experience the white sands and turquoise seas of Africa’s most beautiful and exotic coastline,
Swaziland – Explore a real African Kingdom, which we’re betting 98% of Southern Africans have never visited.

And while you’re developing those stories for sharing on around the braai, you will be doing your bit to make sure that the Bobs For Good Foundation started by Bob Skinstad is able to provide shoes for 7 million Southern African children, so that they can have a sense of pride and walk with hope into their future.

You choose where you want to start (Limited to 100 Crews):
Cape Town (Wed 22 June 2011)
Johannesburg (Thu 23 June 2011)

50 Crews (50 vehicles and 150’ish crew members) will depart from each Start Line, driving in a clockwise direction as they make their way to a Checkpoint in each country:

Starting in South Africa → Namibia → Botswana → Zambia → Malawi → Mozambique and finishing in Swaziland.

At each of the 7 checkpoints, you and your crew will be treated to a massive feast and party (with a place to sleep that isnt your car) making each bit of the journey more rewarding. All the while you will be expected to spread the message of goodwill throughout Africa as well as improving things as much as you can while you go along.

Each entry entitles a Crew to enter one (1) vehicle (car, bus, bakkie, tractor etc) or two (2) motorbikes. The choice is yours, as is the number of Crew Members. All we ask is that you keep the number of passengers to within the legal limit.

This is such a sick idea and if I can get off work for the 17 or so days I’d love to take part and put together a crew 🙂

If you’re interested check out their site or Facebook fan page… Get involved!

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