Pure & Crafted Interview | Abby Nurock

Pure & Crafted Interview | Abby Nurock

MyCityByNight: It’s so good to catch up with you, unbelievably, this is the very first time we’ve managed to chat in a formal sense, after having bumped into you on just about every dancefloor in and around Jozi over the past couple of years. We’ve got our eyes firmly fixed on Pure & Crafted and are sure you’re pretty excited too – so let’s jump right into it:

Abby Nurock: Yay! Thanks so much xx

MCBN: You’re on the lineup for the event, which features many of the country’s top electronic music acts as well as a few really big International names – how did you manage to get involved with the Pure & Crafted crew

AN: I actually played for Pure&Crafted last year, and have over the years developed great relationships with the people involved

MCBN: What does electronic music mean to you personally as an artist?

AN: For me, It’s an amalgamation of different sounds, beats and melodies that acoustic instruments aren’t able to produce on their own. I’m not saying one is preferable to the other, but there is enough need for variety to have both, sometimes incorporated into each other’s worlds to create a fresh sound.

MCBN: How would you describe your sound of music? We’ve listened to you play live a number of times and we’ve heard everything from melodic house to some slightly more cheeky stuff (almost all on vinyl) – do you change it up depending on venue and mood?

AN: I am an absolute house head- and each of its sub genres has its place according to event or crowd. I love the groovy funk stuff as well as vocal melodic house. I was brought up listening to acid jazz so that influences my sound too. I love techno and minimal/progressive house … there’s nothing better than being given the freedom to play a harder, dirtier set; its a nice change from the more uplifting stuff I’m better known for. Saying this, there is no sound too deep, too down tempo or too disco for me. I spend hours of every night sourcing new music (vinyl only of course), not too mention every last cent I earn 😉 so its an understatement to say that I take the greatest pride in finding beautiful music. I am actually obsessed with vinyl collecting.

MCBN: Do you believe that doing production work with other artists leads to better music or do you prefer to do things alone? If it’s the former, who would you most like to collaborate with in future?

AN: I’m the biggest advocate for collaborations! Everything is better when you combine like minded people who offer diversity to sounds. I would LOVE to do a co-lab one day- I unfortunately am yet to produce my own track (primarily because I panic when it comes to digital technology and anything that’s not analogue). Which is why I would need someone else’s expertise in that field. I come from a family of musicians- my mom is a classical guitarist, my late grandfather (through marriage) was a famous saxophonist in Nairobi and my late uncle was a drummer, so music is in my DNA! I especially admire collaborations involving DJ’s and live instruments. Hugh Masekela would probably be my dream partner in terms of a perfect sound. Black Coffee and Ryan Murgatroyd  are my favourite local producers.

MCBN: What has been the most memorable gig you’ve played at up to this point?

AN: Wow, I have played some incredible gigs- and I’m going to admit that every time I play to an awesome crowd I add that to the list. I once opened for Black Coffee- that was a pretty epic accolade! I absolutely loved playing at the Crate Digging Society’s 1st birthday party- its an all vinyl event and the response from the crowd was goose bump stuff! Such an amazing vibe. Playing at the Hot on Top parties are always brilliant, as well as my Saturday gigs I used to play in Braamfontein- The Beach, Anti Establishment, Kitcheners. Living Room is one of my best venues in Jozi- the gigs there are always top class! Its all abut the energy of the crowd (or mere handful of people)…as long as the love is there, the euphoria is all mine.

MCBN: Does anything weird ever happen to you in terms of fan behaviour? I mean we’re pretty used to people getting undressed and throwing items of their clothing on stage – but have you experienced anything out of the ordinary? (A fan tattoo on their naughty bits perhaps?)

AN: HAHA not yet. Although I often encounter people coming up to me and asking to play a track off their cell phones- that is my worst! I understand when I play for corporate events or private parties where I have been briefed about the diversity of people and music requests… but a live set is different.

MCBN: Are there any other major projects in the near future that we should know about?

AN: Just lots of gigging over the festive season around SA so follow me and join me!

MCBN: Where can people follow you online and make enquiries about booking you?

AN: Facebook @DJ Abby Nurock,

Instagram @djnurocksa

Email enquiries: abbynurock@gmail.com

MCBN: It’s been an absolute pleasure catching up with you – we’ll catch you out and about and at the event.

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