Puma Social Club Media Launch last night

Last night MyCityByNight popped around to the launch of the Puma Social Club to mingle with some of the more night-time orientated individuals in Cape Town…

What is the Puma Social Club you ask? Well its a pop “club” aimed at catering for the late night athlete (really the only reason why they invited us) that offers a mix of after hours sports and stuff that has a retro cool feel (yes MCBN invented this term to describe things that are cool but when you look at them they remind you of a time where analogue was a word understood by most). When we say afterhours sport we are not talking about sex (for once) and instead referring to things like darts and table tennis played by late night athletes across the globe.

Puma South Africa has basically ensured that the Puma Social Club does the rounds of SA promoting the life of the late night athlete by using clever viral videos featuring the likes of Herschelle Gibbs, Jack Parow and Schalk Burger. Pretty sick combo in our eyes. We even managed to have a good chat to good friend Francois Louw, who is always the most humble of characters even though he’s a complete killer and rugby genious on the field! There’ll be an interview coming with fellow late night athlete Herschelle Gibbs pretty soon too, as his new book reveals- he pretty much is MyCityByNight alumni to the core 🙂


The actual venue is on Buitengracht street in Cape Town (just past the Coral Hotel) and will be open for a jam packed for 4 days (nights) of mayhem. The Puma Social club features a mix of beats served up mighty fresh by MyCityByNight favourite and all round legend Tommy Gun, accompanied by several opportunities to get involved in a spot of table tennis, darts or writing on the chalk-board walls. Its seriously a vibe.

The cool thing is the Puma Social Club will also be offering that special brand of late night food that totally rocks shit that night and then well… totally rocks shit the next day when you’re doing that early morning tummy rumble parking off on the porcelain. Its definately a very cool idea and a bit of pity thats only around for 4 days- we definately could use a retro-cool type feel bar where you can play table tennis, write on walls and maybe even play some Space Invaders.

Best you go and check it out if you’re in Cape Town- it’ll be gone very soon… 4 days only! 🙂

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  1. Thanks guys! No doubt the best place to hang this week! Saturday will cook with PH Fat and Popskarr on the line-up. Please note that I am playing together with the indomitable Haasbroek on each of the nights.

    1. Indomitable Haasbroek… i think i just got a boner from your impeccable use of the English language- you guys were ripping it up last night. Its definately going to be an awesome couple of days! 🙂

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