Puma Social Club FTW

I was completely elated to get the opportunity to check this out!
Couldn’t wait to put on my red Puma’s and head out for a chilled evening with some awesome peeps

After much confusion with the location – Ricky faltering to send me the correct address, and me not realising that there is more than one Corner House in Jozi – I wanted to throw it all in a bag and give up on even making an appearance. My blood was, to say the least, boiling. Not only because I’d fought ridiculous traffic to get to the first venue, but added because I was at the WRONG venue!


Thank goodness I changed my mind, find someone to hitch a ride with, and followed the flow in my sneakers to Jhb CBD.

What an awesome event!

The vibe is phenomenal, the venue is well thought out and there really is something to entertain everyone, ALL the time.


From amazingly gifted DJ’s spinning on the decks – and to add, a VERY talented display of guitar skills & vocal talent – to some of our sporting hero’s knocking a few balls around at table tennis.
The music was phenomenal, slowly moving into a vibe much like an underground rave at some point. If this was too much for you to handle, you could make your way to the roof and try your hand at a match of table tennis against some of our local sports stars, like Albie Morkel.

Spur Burgers were on the menu, choices being Chicken, Beef or Ribs, with Brandhouse kitting out the bars with a variety of liquor.
Nothing like the best voted burger in town to line your stomach!


Table Tennis, Foosball, Ten Pin Bowling, awesome music, Darts and a cleverly placed ‘photo booth’ kept everyone entertained. The more shots that were being consumed, the more interesting the photo’s became – would love to be the one to review those!

With so many awesome people gathered in an old building, pumping great tunes, serving cold beers, and a choice between indoor or outdoor, it’s bound to be a winning combination!

It’s an experience and a half that will leave you feeling like you’ve had the best night out with your closest mates (about 700 of them 🙂 ).

Go to dance. Go to play. Go to experience the life of The After Hours Athlete.

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