PUMA® Social Club comes to Jozi

Some of you might remember last year when MyCityByNight hit up the opening of the Puma Social Club pop up store in Cape Town. It was a pretty cool night where we all got to hang out with celebs, play table tennis, darts, have boerie rolls and enjoy some lekker tunes in a retro diner… AT NIGHT.

And that’s pretty much the whole idea behind the Puma Social Club… a celebration of the after hours athlete. Entrance is free and peeps who attend can expect a variety of live entertainment each night, as well as pool, foosball and bowling.  All you After-hours athletes are also encouraged to grab a munch and replenish themselves with the late night food that will be available through various vendors at the venue (boerie rolls, chips- all the unhealthy stuff).

And now in a bid to give Jozi something cool to do at night (that doesnt involve being shot in a drive-by) the PUMA Social Club will be making an appearance from Thursday 10 March to Saturday 12 March at Corner House, situated at 77 Commissioner Street in Braamfontein.

For more information about The PUMA Social Club, visit www.puma.com/social.  Become a fan on http://www.facebook.com/puma or follow the happenings via twitter at @thepumastore and use #pumasocial for any Tweets about the PUMA Social Club.

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