Puma Social and the After Hours Athlete

We’re all about the night at MCBN and PUMA® Social has been pushing the cause of the After Hours Athlete throughout the world through their awesome parties and approach to marketing the lifestyle associated with their kit.

Puma has just launched their first short film for 2012 which centers around the spirit of fun and carefree living that most of us lovers of late night activities associate with being an After Hours Athlete.

The film, created by the Droga5 agency and directed by Fredrik Bond, sets out to spread the PUMA Social philosophy – that life needs to be enjoyed with a touch of creativity and shared with others out there. Whether it’s playing darts and foosball or hooking up some late-night eating, the film inspires the millennial generation to break free of the confines of reality TV, fame hunters and prima donnas and challenges them to create their own stories with friends and teammates.

This year PUMA Social campaigns are all about the team. You know, that crew of peeps that’s always up for it- creating moments and really owning the night.

I love the fact that PUMA recognizes that an After Hours Athlete is something that needs to be celebrated- I mean we don’t just wear the clothes to run around on a track.

Check out the video below:

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