Puma Re-Suede- One for the collection

I’ve gone through different phases in my life- the awkward kid that listened to punk music, the raver, the blogger etc… but one thing has been constant throughout. That one thing is my love for street culture and the shoes associated with them. I’m one of those guys that will get the sickest pair of sneakers out there and then pretty much wear the crap out of them to the point where they look super sad before moving on (yeah I don’t just look at them). The latest addition to my collection is a PUMA remix of one the brand’s most well-known and iconic shoes, the Suede.

I did a little bit of digging and apparently these killers are made up of recycled materials, come in a variety of colours and of course are limited in SA to online orders only (a combination of people here not having any sense of style and weird shipping rules- maybe). Yup that’s right, only you tech savvy folk can get your hands on a pair with a few well placed clicks on the website (just don’t get blue, cos I have those). I’ve worn them in already, they’ve survived a Cape Town rain storm (I know, suede in rain is a fail) and give me an air of retro-cool amongst my highly strung peers- at least that’s what I keep telling myself.

This is my second pair of suede sneaks ahead of Summer and I reckon it’s a trend we’re going to see more and more of as the weather turns less shit in SA. So if you’re thinking about an environmentally friendly, rather limited pair of sneakers this Summer, mosey on over to Puma.

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