PUMA Kings Of Pong

PUMA King of Pong

Since PUMA Social Jozi reopened its doors on 12 April, the venue has been giving the fearless Jozi folk some rather epic nights out on the town. Almost every night that has been accompanied by a massive queue of peeps trying to get into the hottest ticket on the town. Now they’re adding some real incentive for the after-hours athlete by introducing a brand new Twitter run competition to skip the queue and drink  on the house, along with a fairly epic Ping Pong competition where the winners stand to gain an entire R20K for their night time efforts. Let’s start by chatting about those queues:

Many die-hard #PUMASocialJozi fans have stood in a long queue to have a jam with Jozi’s coolest but that’s never the best way to go about the night. PUMA want to give loyal partygoers a chance to skip the queue and enjoy some drinks on them through the #GetMeIn competition. All you need to do is Tweet a theme-related photo with #PUMASocialJozi and #GetMeIn in it and the three best photos of the week will win Q-skipping rights and drinks vouchers for the evening.

After Ping Pong gangs dominated the tables showing off their killer after hours athlete skills, the guys at PUMA have set up Kings of Pong – a knockout PUMA Social Club table tennis tournament that will start on 5 July and run for 8 weeks. 16 teams will be able to participate in this grueling tournament, with each team consisting of 4 team members. Registration has already opened and it will work on a first come first serve basis, so register as soon if you’re keen to participate. The winning team will receive R20 000 in prize money, so this one is not to be missed!

To find out more about the #GetMeIn competition visit www.puma.com/social/news/getmein

To be part of the action on a Friday night, simply register at www.pumasocialjozi.com and your name will be put on a list at the door, or pay R20 when you arrive on the night. If you can’t find it, just look for the mass of Joburg trendsetters waiting patiently in the line each week.

PUMA Kings of Pong Flyer

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