Puma Creative Factory| Built for One Review

The PUMA Creative  Factory Built For One event was honestly one of the best concepts I have ever experienced. The entire evening was carefully thought out to give all those that have a passion for design and love for Puma the best possible night out. We had the chance to design our very own, built for one T7 jacket using a number of different pieces of cloth and then watch as it was put together right there in front of our eyes.

Earthlife on Upper Canterbury Street was where the Cape Town creativity had collected for the evening. PUMA fans were able to customise their jackets by selecting individual components including front, back and sleeve panels as well as the iconic T7 stripe, in a number of colour options. Once this selection had been made, the very talented team from Impahla Clothing, SA’s first carbon neutral clothing manufacturer and strategic supplier to PUMA South Africa, put it together, step by step. As a backdrop to the creation process live performances by P.H. Fat, Tommy Gun, Haasbroek, VGA and DJ Craig de Sousa kept everyone bopping. It was an amazing experience because you were able to form a real bond with the piece of clothing that you had watched evolve from your mind and ultimately an inherent love for the Puma brand.

This often what brands dont do… make that emotional connection with it’s fans that extends beyond just clicking “like” on a page.

Nice one Puma.

Check out the gallery to see how the evening went down…

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