Public Services strike loses entertainment value

Its not often that MyCityByNight delves into matters of politics and the economy but the current strike situation in South Africa is one deserving of a couple of pixels of your screen.

If you have been injured in the past 2 weeks badly enough to need a visit to a hospital and are unfortunate enough to visit one of our fine examples of local public healthcare (sarcasm font needed over here) you would have noticed the fairly obvious lack of staff to help you out. This is due to the massive public services strike that is currently crippling the SA economy.

Just last week A 21-year-old man, who needed emergency surgery after his hand had been chopped off, was turned away by two state hospitals due to a public service strike, which in my opinion is totally unacceptable.

I totally understand the fact that this may be one of the only ways to get the government to listen but when people’s lives are put in danger because a total lack of a healthcare or public service sector- I think the strike action really starts to lose its value.

Then there’s the whole teacher strike thing too! Apart from producing very entertaining posters to picket with like “if you can read this, you should pay us more”, most of the South African teachers’ unions have also disrupted schooling to the point where appeals have been made for us the public to offer a hand to teach kids preparing for exams etc during their absence. Now I love teachers more than anybody- I think you guys and girls should get fairly remunerated for the stellar job that some of you do but I do have a slight concern about the timing of the strike and the emphasis placed on young learners to sort their own shit out.

I don’t know- its just bad form on the public service sector… The national strikes have basically depleted any money that was generated during the World Cup through what the strike action has been costing the SA economy on a daily basis. This crap happens every year and its always the public that suffers and I’m rather over it- I have no desire to have striking workers demonstrating through the streets while the city is circled by helicopters and patrolled by the army- Its just a little bit too District 9 for my liking…

Rant over…

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