PUBG Mobile’s new Miramar update launches today and you don’t want to miss it

If you haven’t downloaded the popular multiplayer game, PUBG Mobile yet, we can wholeheartedly guarantee that you’re missing out.

COVID-19 has pretty much the whole world locked down and indoors, either watching Netflix or playing games on phones, consoles or PCs. Nowaday’s, streaming and gaming is more social and interactive than it’s ever been, making it both the perfect time killer and social activity during isolation.

PUBG Mobile, which launched locally last year, has exploded onto the gaming scene and further surged in popularity since the launch of the African servers – this has allowed African players to find themselves on a ‘levelled playing field’ with their enemies. No more slow ping time or latency issues – you’re connection is as good as the players you’re up against, so it’s 100% down to skill!

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Let’s cut to the chase though, we’re here to introduce you to Version Update 0.18.0 and all it’s awesome new features and updates including a major update to Miramar, Season 13 drops on the 12th of May:


  • A brand new Oasis in Miramar, Ruins to the Northwest, housing area, roads & resources spawning throughout the map.
  • A Racetrack that runs throughout the whole map. Petrolheads, get those engines ready to race!
  • The Golden Mirado – a unique one of a kind car that’ll spawn in the map for the quickest player on the map
  • Miramar has added vending machines which include Energy Drinks & painkillers to stock up on. If you’re lucky, you can get up to 8 at a time.

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There’s also a Classic Update with the following features:

  • There is a new attachment, the Canted Sight allows you to switch between scopes during the battle to your advantage.
  • The Win94 has been upgraded with a 2.7x scope
  • The result screen has been updated and in our eyes looks funky AF. The new dashboard will give you increased knowledge about your stats and game performance allowing you to enhance your next battle.
  • The P90 has been added to Arena mode – allowing for suppressed fire with it’s 50 round magazine – FINALLY!
  • The Cheer Park has been launched – after a match with your squad go hang out, reflect on your epic battles and chill in the Cheer Park

There are a bunch of other updates and exciting features that you’ll be able to find and explore ‘in-game’ which we aren’t going to spoil or give away just yet. The above information is good enough for now, but if you explore long enough, there are a ton of more surprises waiting for you.

PUBG Mobile has also launched their online calendar where they’ll post news on official tournaments, and where community members will be able to post their local events, too.

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