PUBG Mobile 0.19.0 Update: Season 14 and Livik are almost here

PUBG Mobile 0.19.0

With just a day to go until the much anticipated, PUBG Mobile 0.19.0 update, the creators have released the official patch notes. According to said patch notes, the new update will launch one of the brand’s most popular maps ever – ‘Livik’ which was previously available in beta as ‘Secret Map.’ This will be the first-ever exclusive map build only for the mobile version of the battle royale game.

The patch notes for PUBG Mobile 0.19.0, which give fans more detail on what to expect from tomorrow’s (7 July 20202) update also offers a glimpse at what fans can expect from PUBG Mobile’s Royale Pass Season 14 ‘Spark the Flame.’ The new season, which had its trailer leaked last week, is set to arrive around July 14.

This means that today is the last day to finish Season 13 Royale Pass missions while your tiers and ranks will be updated once the new season arrives. Tale a look at a break down of the PUBG Mobile 0.19.0 patch notes below and read more on the latest entertainment and gaming news right here.

PUBG Mobile Update 0.19.0 – Livik and More (Source: News18)
New Livik Map

The Livik map is now available.

This Nordic-style map measures 2km × 2km, with 52 players and 15 minute match times, making for a faster and more exciting experience! Livik is still in its BETA stage, and we will continue to adjust and improve it for the best visual and gaming experience.

Map exclusive firearms
Map-exclusive SMG: P90
Map-exclusive marksman rifle: Mk 12

New vehicle
Map-exclusive vehicle: Monster Truck

Livik super firearm training (coming soon)
When the event starts, Experimental Trial Weapon Crates containing a special weapon will appear on Livik. Special weapons look similar to normal weapons, but there are differences in the names, icons, etc. Finishes can be used normally on both types.

Spark the Flame-themed Gameplay

The themed mode will be available on Erangel and Miramar maps in Classic Mode. Players have a chance to enter this mode after selecting these maps.

Small Statue
Burns up after interaction. Drops supplies and event items after burning.

Giant Statue
Has multiple construction stages that change as the themed event progresses. It burns in the final stages

Statue Camp
There are tents around the statue. Enter them to search for supplies.

The Ancient Secret (coming soon)

This themed mode takes effect on Erangel and Miramar when activated. Players can choose whether to participate via settings on the Mode Selection screen.

Ancient Temple
Large, major building with a two-story structure. It initially sits on the ground, but it starts to float in the air after a fixed period of time and moves slowly with the play zone.

– Slate puzzle
An interactive puzzle made up of ancient slates.

– Boss fight
Players who make it to the sealed room on the second floor of the Ancient Secret can challenge the boss of the temple and win great rewards.

Small Ruins
Small, randomly-appearing ruins with crates and puzzles.

Season 14 Royale Pass ‘Spark the Flame’

The new Royal Pass will be available for purchase from July 14.

  • All-new themes, better level rewards, and new multi-form outfits.
  • To celebrate the 2nd Anniversary of Royale Pass, the Roaring Dragon and Dragon -Hunter-themed rewards from Season 5 will return.
  • A RP Prime subscription collaboration with Google is available. Includes both Prime and -Prime Plus, which can be subscribed to simultaneously. Supports monthly, quarterly, and yearly subscription. Collect 300 or 900 RP Vouchers every month, along with redemption discounts and Airplane Ranking display perks (only available for Google at this time; available soon for other players).
  • Consolidated page for RP perks. Instantly view consecutive purchase perks and preview other exclusive RP perks.
  • Added an RP Crate Luck Event with amazing rewards.
  • There is a chance to display an RP-related message when returning to the lobby after a match.
  • -Improved display of Airplane Ranking and other content in-battle.

According to News18, previous leaks suggest that the new season is going to have a lot of flame and fire inspired in-game items and skins so expect a lot of reds and oranges, and obviously flame patterns. The official trailer for the new season was leaked a few days back. Watch it in full below.

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