PS5 players will be able to report abusive audio to Sony with new ‘Party Safety’ recording feature

Photo by Daniele Franchi on Unsplash

In a press release for a PS4 software update this week, Sony announced that PlayStation 5 (PS5) users will be able to record their online voice chats. These audio recordings can be submitted to report fellow gamers for bullying, hate speech and other community violations.

After the software update this week, PS4 users received the following prompt: “Voice chats may be recorded for moderation. By joining, you agree to being recorded.” Sony later explained that the notification related to a new “Party Safety” recording feature coming to the PS5, which launches November 12.

The feature will allow users to submit recorded, in-game conversations for moderation. Submitted audio will be reviewed to determine whether someone has violated PlayStation’s Community Code of Conduct which strictly prohibits threats, bullying, hate speech and cheating.

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Sony said the company will only use the recordings sent to them for moderation purposes and confirmed via Twitter that it will not automatically record audio.

Some Playstation users have criticised Sony’s decision over privacy concerns, while other users argue the feature could also make it easier to stop harassment in the community.

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