Prototype MyCityByNight Mix

PROTOTYPE Halloween 2

Prototype is a relatively new duo hailing from the mean Jozi streets that bring a generally insane performance to the stage whenever they get the chance. Formed after a chance meeting, these dudes have gone on to master the Kitara and drum loop station, making their live performances something to behold. It’s no holds barred, balls to the wall goodness and we’re thinking that Prototype may just be exactly what the SA electro scene is craving.

They’re the new kids on the block and we’ve managed to get them to put together an exclusive MyCityByNight mix for your listening pleasure. We’re hoping to get them down to one of our MCBNxDSCTHQ parties soon- what do you think?

And here’s the mix:

MyCityByNight Exclusive Mix (DJ Set) by Thisisprototype on Mixcloud

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