Protea Hotel Fire & Ice! Cape Town and FTV presents ‘Girls on Deck’

Girls on Deck

After the success of the long running ‘Warm Up Sessions’ on Friday nights, Protea Hotel Fire & Ice! Cape Town and FTV have combined forces to bring a new night to Cape Town. ‘Girls on Deck’ will be going down every Saturday night from 8pm to 12pm.

The idea behind the night is that you’ll get a double dose of smoking hot #mooiness, each DJing for two hours at Protea Hotel Fire & Ice! Cape Town from 20:00 to 24:00. This Saturday, 26 October, the glamorous DJ line up consist of DJ Nicole and DJ Kirsty. The night will be filled with prizes from FTV and you can pretty much guarantee that there be one or two premium vodka and energy drink combo being necked.

It’s definitely an option if you’re into something a little bit more classy.

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