Zootly Glass Beaker – Waves

Created from extra thick borosilicate glass this is the bong of bongs!

The Zootly Glass Beaker Waves Bong is 300mm high and has three ice pinches to catch ice!

Which makes it very nice for a cool hit! Also, it has custom design work by established artists.

Read more below – or just buy it now!

R900.00 Incl. VAT

The crew at Zootly decided it was time to create their own glass bong range. The result is the Glass Beaker Waves Bong.

Conceptualised over many organic coffees from a health shop on Kloof Street. The team knew what stuff this bong had to be made from. Let’s talk about that quickly.

If you’re a bong person you’ll know that you want the glass to be borosilicate glass. Also, you want it to be a thick girl. No skinny bongs here. For those who don’t know, borosilicate glass is special. It may come as a surprise by glass isn’t just glass.

To create borosilicate glass you need to incorporate two chemicals in high concentration, namely: boron trioxide and silica. What these environmentally friendly (won’t put anything harmful in our bongs) do is make the glass more heat resistant when compared to other glass. Which is a good thing since you’ll be light up this bad boy everyday!

For the eagle eyed user you’d have noticed that the Zootly Glass Beaker Waves Bong has a rad design on it. That’s because we hired some rad designers.

Yep, when you order the Zootly Glass Beaker Waves Bong you’re buying a piece of art, that you can smoke!

The artist is our in house designer, Giulio and his style is simple, delicate, and perfect for those who don’t want to be flashy with their bongs.

Which is exactly what you get when you buy our Zootly Glass Beaker Waves Bong.


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