Tropf-Blumat, 2 pcs. pack

The Tropf-Blumat (Drip-Blumat) is a sensor that supplies plants with drips of water via thin tubing. As the soil dries, its natural suction power triggers the opening of the Tropf Blumat allowing the water to flow. When the soil is sufficiently moist, the Tropf Blumat automatically stops.

Automatic watering
Senses soil conditions, turns water on and off
No batteries, no timers.. and just the right amount of water
For larger pots and bigger plants than regular Tropf Blumat

R360.00 Incl. VAT

The system functions fully automatically. Every plant, every container or group of plants requires at least 1 Tropf-Blumat adjusted to the individual needs of the plant. Larger containers or surfaces require longer or more than one sensor. All Tropf-Blumats are connected using one supply tube, this allows for flexibility in the layout and is changeable at any time.


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