Royal Wedding Cake – Feminized

This cake is more than just it’s frosting, then again… we all love good frosting. The Royal Wedding cake offers amazing layers of taste that are described as a complicated fruity fragrance, both citrusy and sweet.

Not surprising when you consider how complicated a real wedding cake is. I mean…

The pack includes 3 seeds.

R420.00 Incl. VAT

Let’s get this statement out the way… With the Royal Wedding Cake, you get to have your dessert and smoke it too.

Now, let’s talk about how this plant will fulfil your grandmother’s wishes.

Cannabis Genetic Makeup

Pro-breeders in the USA mixed a Girl Scout phenotype with the potent Cherry Pie. What they got wasn’t an American Pie, oh no, but a proper Royal Wedding Cake, fit only for the aristocracy.

When this strain was tested it hit the headlines because it produced extreme THC levels. Some results say up to 25% THC. At that strength, we’re not sure why this stuff wasn’t loaded into a cannon and used to take back the British Empire. Then again… we get it, because they must have been super high.

The split is 60% Indica and 40% Sativa. Now, how easy is it to grow this cake?

Growing Profile

We were very surprised by how easy it was to grow the Royal Wedding Cake.

For those wondering, yes, you can grow this indoors or outdoors, and can expect a large harvest of the most intense THC bud.

With its genetic makeup pretty much split down the middle, you’ll be welcoming a mid-sized plant that isn’t as bushy as, say, our Iron Lady strain.



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