Putin’s Punch – Feminized

The high is a real kicker with a long lingering peak than average.

Expect a cerebral warmth and loads of euphoric happiness.

Packs contain 3 seeds.

R540.00 Incl. VAT

Putin’s Punch is going to be an experience no matter how we break it down for you. Just know that this Russian has no problems invading your neighbour’s space with her pungent aromas.

The Sticky Icky’s Genetic Makeup

The Russian leader has some popular cult variety Do-Si-Dos and was bred in the US from the OG Kush Breath combined with the Face-Off OG.

Both are relatively new strains to the marijuana world.

An Indica dominant strain with 70%/30% split, this hybrid is perfectly balanced to be a long time leader of choice for those who enjoy it.

Ganja Growing Profile

She is a medium height plant, and can be grown out- or indoors with relative ease.

This being said this girl is sticky and stinky, delivering a large yield.

The flowering period is between 8-9 weeks.

Putin’s Punch, Aromas, Taste, And High!

As mentioned this girl is stinky! Expect to be greeted by aromas of sweet and dank earthy tones.

We also think it is a rather pretty bud with a blend of orange and purple hues for those wanting to reach for their jeweller lopes!


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