President 47 – Feminized

Expect President 47 to launch you into energetic euphoria! Feel the stresses of modern-day life slide off.

If you’re ready to fire off some seeds into your backyard.

The packs come with 3 seeds.

R420.00 Incl. VAT

The President 47 packs some real rough and ready firepower. Just remember this when loading it into the Bong Chamber.

Also, this girl will leave you with real stinky trigger fingers. This early 90s strain will surely have you reaching for some old school classics.

Cannabis Genetic Makeup

As this is the modern classic, we can assure you that this Sativa dominant strain is split in a perfect 60/40.

President 47 is said to have had a lineage of a few South American landrace strains, but all we can promise is that it’s a true international player.

Growing Profile

This all-rounder is happy to be grown indoors or outdoors. It’s a fairly easy plant to cultivate and should be a large bud producer.

It should take around 8 weeks to complete its flowering period. And finally, this is going to be a high THC content producer.

President 47 Taste

The President 47 bud is an earthy smelling bud that imparts woody tones. If you were looking for a way to reconnect with nature, this combo is perfect!


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