OG Kush – Autoflower

They say the crazies come from Florida, and it’s no different with the OG Kush, which was first cultivated in the Sunshine State.  

OG Kush packs come with 3 seeds.

R285.00 Incl. VAT

It is a true international diplomat! But this autoflowering strain is the supersonic traveller compared to the feminized version!

Enjoyed by cannabis lovers across the globe. This being said, you can now stamp OG Kush’s passport to enter your garden!

Ganja Genetic Makeup

OG Kush’s lineage comes directly from the Hindu Kush family. This is a legendary strain that’s been called an international winner multiple times.

It is a hybrid strain with a 50/50 split, but there’s more of a leaning to her Indica dominance in regards to the high she produces.

Growing Speed And Profile

This is not the easiest strain to grow, so if you are a newbie we’d recommend maybe selecting something else.

Then again, if you want a challenge, well, add some seeds to your cart.

You can grow OG Kush in- or outdoors, but be careful of mildew. Make sure there’s enough of airflow in the growing area.

As mentioned, this auto-flowering strain is Concorde jet fast!

Expect those silvery buds packed with trichomes, and her extra-special terpene profile, within 11 weeks from seed.

OG Kush Shunky Smells and Taste!

It’s a legendary taste and smell of earthy tones and skunky aromas. Expect the Indica lineage to come out in a soothing high that’s pleasant and carefree, which in turn will encourage you to become particularly chatty.


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