Margaret Roberts Organic Insecticide 200ml

Margaret Roberts Organic Insecticide for the control of small bodied insects.

Margaret Roberts Organic Insecticide contains: garlic juice extract and canola oil

Insects: Aphids, red spider mite, white fly (should also control insects like mealy bug, scale and Australian bug).

Dosage: 150 to 200 ml per 10 litre water. Use highest rate for scale. Dosage can be increased to 300 ml per 10 litre water as a dormancy spray after pruning in winter for best results

R120.00 Incl. VAT

This organic insecticide from Margaret Roberts is formulated using garlic and canola oil

– Kills targeted small bodied insects
– Keep insects away from plants
– Low impact on bigger bodied beneficial insects and natural predators
– Harmless to fish, birds, wild life, pets, micro organisms and humans


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