Margaret Roberts Biological Caterpillar Insecticide 50g

A water dispersable granule biological insecticide for the control of leaf eating caterpillars on your grow

R275.00 Incl. VAT

Margaret Roberts Biological Caterpillar Insecticide is the natural solution for pest issues in your cannabis growing setup.

How To Use It?

For ease of use, it is water-soluble. Use only around 5 ml per 10 litres of water. So, this is pretty potent stuff. Also, it is worth mentioning it is blue (due to one of its main ingredients being copper), so no need to panic when seeing the colour.

And, even though it says that it is natural on the label, make sure to wear gloves when mixing. Also, a huge piece of advice, store it out the way of direct sunlight and in a cool dry space (we once left it in the sun… it wasn’t pretty).

What Pests Does It Target?

This insecticide has been developed to target young and active caterpillars. You know, the ones that nibble on your young cannabis shoots.

If you must know, the list of young pests Ms Roberts’ product gets rid of are:

  • Lawn Caterpillar;
  • American Bollworm;
  • Semi-Looper;
  • Diamond-Back Moth;
  • Lilyborer;
  • Pine Tree Emperor Moth;
  • Lucerne Caterpillar;
  • And Leafroller amongst many more!

Did you know that most caterpillars are a part of the lepidopterous family? This family includes moths, butterflies, and skippers.

Is it a Dangerous Insecticide? 

We know that you are environmentally conscious and an animal lover. So, it’ll please you to know that there is no harmful toxic residue and no secondary poisoning.

If you do own pets, have a tranquil fish pond, or worried that this insecticide will cause havoc with the bees. There’s no need to stress, as Ms Roberts has you covered as this formulated pesticide is totally harmless to them.

And if you were wondering, Margaret Roberts Biological Caterpillar Insecticide can also be applied right up until harvest time.

We’d like to take the time, and just recommend giving it proper washing, before you start drying and curing your bud.

So, you’re still reading this product write-up. You can stop now and just purchase it now!


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