Gorilla Kim – Feminized

Expect earthy aromas that lead you to a euphoric and relaxed high. Also, ensure there’s a couch nearby as you’re bound to be glued to it all day!

The pack includes 3 seeds.

R420.00 Incl. VAT

You need to be very wary of Gorilla Kim. Whatever you do, don’t start humming Elton John’s Rocket Man, or take mentioning any talking points from Trumps Cookie Jar!

Gorilla Kim is itching to just set it off!

Marijuana Genetic Makeup

Bred from Gorilla Glue #4 (or GG4), the dictator from the secretive nation is Indica dominant with 70/30 split.

And have we mentioned it is potent? Some dispensaries report that GG4 can reach up to 32% THC.

So, this girl is fully ready to take on the superpowers.

Ganja Growing Profile

Gorilla Kim is super comfortable being grown outdoors. Surprising, since North Korea can get very chilly. Then again, what do we actually know, none of us can get past the 34th parallel line!

Anyway, this girl will be flowering in around 8 weeks and is a tough lady, so give it your best shot.

She’ll also guarantee huge yields and, as we mentioned, potent crops.

Gorilla Kim Taste And High

There’s only one way to say this,

“She’s stinky!”

Like, no hiding the fact you lit this girl up. With the eyes of the world watching, if you’re trying to be discreet, take precautions.

Otherwise, you’ll be getting a knock at the door.


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