Entourage Oil 30ml

Entourage oil is a whole cannabis sativa plant extraction for optimum entourage effect. Balanced by nature, the oil content includes solvent dilutions of cannabinoids and terpenes found naturally in outdoor grown High Grade Cannabis Sativa.

Entourage Oil 30ml – 600 drop micro doses,
Total Content approx 1.5 grams of raw plant material

R700.00 Incl. VAT


We use super healthy EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL as our solvent and use a proprietary duel extraction method. Our current oil is a 50 / 50 % mix of two extraction processes. Each extraction process – using different heat and duration – are designed to extract specific cannabinoid and terpene (essential oil) concentrations, according to each process. These two extractions are blended for user friendliness and best wellness potential.

​Typically the oil should be taken under the tongue – sublingually – and expect to wait between and an hour and an hour and a half before feeling the relaxing effect. The oil can be swallowed however expect a degree of content loss through the stomach and liver en route to the endocannabinoid system that is active throughout the body.

Whole Plant / Entourage effecting extractions have the ability to:

  • Affect multiple targets / systems within the body
  • Improve the absorption of all active ingredients into the body
  • Overcome bacterial defence mechanisms
  • Minimise adverse side effects


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