Critical Churchill – Feminized

Expect the high to be a relaxing and euphoric one.

If you’re looking to grow this strain, prepare for victory.

Critical Churchill comes in packs of 3 seeds.

R240.00 Incl. VAT

Critical Churchill is the legendary strain you expect him to be. If you’re only satisfied with the very best, then you’ve made the finest selection with this strain.

Critical Churchill’s most common trait is actually the fact that it is a repeated strain for nearly every grower. Here’s why!

Cannabis Genetic Makeup

Our Critical Churchill is a combination of two Critical strains, namely Critical Mass and Critical Bilbo.

This means he’s 75% Indica and 25% Sativa. Not surprising considering that Critical stains are Indica dominant.

Growing Profile

Critical Churchill is a productive plant, promising huge yields!

If you are planning on growing this strain make sure that you support the heads/buds/flowers.

And this strain doesn’t mind being grown indoors or outdoors. Which, with its crop size, is good to know!

Critical Churchill Taste

Unlike the real Churchill, this strain won’t smell like cigars! What it will smell like is citrus. This is also a very powerful smoke with extremely high THC content.


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