Ceramic Bong and Ceramic Coated Grinder

We’ve discussed how amazing our Ceramic Bongs are our their page, but you’re here because you want it all! That’s why you’re looking at the Ceramic Zootly Bong Kit with 4 Piece Aluminium Grinder – But let’s get into the details!

In this packaged deal you’re really getting the best the South African cannabis market has to offer.

R1,150.00 Incl. VAT

Ceramic Zootly Bong

If you were looking for a bong that would make you look less like a clichéd stoner and more like the cannabis success you are – then the Ceramic Zootly Bong is for you!

The first benefit of this bong is that it isn’t transparent, so there’s less cleaning needed to maintain that shiny premium look! And let’s be honest, no one remembers to clean their bong after every use!

And because the glaze is actually just a glass, these babies clean as easily as glass. BONUS!

Another plus is the that ceramic is better at maintaining temperatures and doesn’t transfer heat like glass. Then again, this puppy comes with a glass downpipe with its own rubber seal.

When placing an order for this package, one of the Zootly crew will email to discuss what bong you want! As they are all very unique! Just like you!

Zoot Grinder 4 Piece

These amazing grinders were also made with the Zootly team watching every step of the process.

They’ve machine all the pieces of this grinder from amazing quality aluminium. Making it automatically tougher and more premium than the plastic versions.

It’s also covered by a non-stick ceramic spray. So, no more losing those little bits of cannabis between the grinder’s teeth.

We’ve also ensured that the Zoot Grinder’s teeth are curved. This means that you can efficiently shred your marijuana.

Also, the 4 piece has a storage compartment for a scrapper and brush!

And finally, the Grinder still offers an amazing magnetic closure!


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