Canache CBD Infused Salted Caramels

Made with indulgent caramel, a sprinkle of Cape sea salt and dipped in dark chocolate. Canache Premium Virgin Salted Caramels are infused with only the purest CBD extract.

R475.00 Incl. VAT

Canache is a premium CBD and Fynbos infused confectionary.

The Cape Garden Route is one of the world’s most tranquil settings. And it was there that founders’ decided they should try something new.

Escaping the manic corporate world they put their talents to work, creating the best, most premium, handcrafted CBD products.

We think the entire package (the actual packaging itself) is rather nice and then there’s the caramels themselves. Which we can only describe as a luxurious indulgence!

This premium range of caramels is proudly made in South Africa and uses local ingredients and inspirations. From the amazing caramel, the sprinkle of Cape sea salt, and the dip into velvety smooth dark chocolate, the treat is a marvellous achievement of what happens when you mix excellence with excellence.

Then, if not enough, they infuse these ingredients with the purest CBD extract.


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