Bulldog Presses Rosin Press – 5 Ton

About 5 Ton Bulldogpresses (S110)

Weight 18kg
Hight 420mm
Width 190mm
Breth 110mm

Plates (10mm Thick)
Hight 28mm
Width 110mm
Breth 90mm

*Only 1 magnet to go with 5 Ton Press.

R7,250.00 Incl. VAT

The Bulldogpress 5 Ton Rosin Press is proudly made in South-Africa, our family of high quality presses are built on strength and durability to last a lifetime. Our 5 ton Bulldog frames and chassis are manufactured using 10mm thick precision laser cut steel with interlocking sides. Welded both top and bottom with a 20mm top frame and a 20mm footplate for additional strength.

This Bulldogpress comes with solid high quality Aluminium plates that has a thermocouple and cartridge heaters on each plate for all round even heating. The PID Controller is an easy, self – adjustable Intelligent controller with high luminance LED display, with a heat range of up to 1300C. Bulldogpresses also provide a 5 Ton Hydraulic system, thereby ensuring adequate pressure for maximum extraction.


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