All-in-one Grow Nest

Set yourself up for greatness with the Zootly Nest, the all-in-one beginner’s growing kit. Your Zootly Nest comes with an instruction manual, a complimentary auto-flowering seed and all the nutrients you need, measured out to a tee, to grow your best bud the first time round.

You’ll receive a complimentary seed from the list below

Nationwide delivery.



Included in the kit:

– 65g Alfalfa Meal
– 75g Rooibos Mulch
– 10g Power Powder Fertiliser
– 10lOrganic Living Soil
– 35g Insect Frass
– 10l fabric pot
– Jiffy Pot

Choose complimentary auto-flowering President Seeds including:

– The Iron Lady autoflower
– OG Kush autoflower
– Gelato Bin Laden autoflower

Not wanting a whole kit? we recommend checking out our list of seeds for the best genetics

Choose Your FREE Seed

Gelato Bin Laden autoflower, OG Kush autoflower, The Iron Lady autoflower


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