Pro Evo 11 vs Fifa 11 – The endless debate!

Pro Evo 11

Pro Evo 11 has just been released and I watched the first game being played in the MCBN HQ yesterday. I have always been a FIFA player but over the last few years Pro Evo has been favoured by most friends. I must admit though, that Pro Evo 11 does look killer. The graphics and the game play is much better than last year.  With all the teams updated and updates readily available when the transfer window closes, to the new layout and background page where you can choose teams (international or club), to the soundtrack, this game is packed with new and exciting features. Pro Evo looks set to be one of the more played games of 2010/2011. The soundtrack to this game is awesome, a vast array of indie-electro, pop and dance tracks to keep you grooving during game sets ups and intermissions. Two things I do find a little annoying is the edit formation page, everything is all over the show and it looks like a music production program. As quote by Pascal ” It looks like I am making a song on Cubase, this is mad” and the fact that they don’t have any sponsors on any of the jerseys etc (lame, I know but still… It looks shit)

Take a look at the trailor for the Pro Evo 11 game:

Fifa 11

As usual, FIFA 11 comes out earlier than Pro Evo 11 (already a win for FIFA) and they have added a new feature called call Career mode, which combines the Be a Pro and Manager modes from previous FIFA games (another win in my eyes for FIFA), which got me amped immediately. I personally loved Manager mode in previous FIFA’s as it kept me going for years and years (well not that long but you get what I am saying). This Career mode, you can play for as long as 15 years into your Career and end off as a superstar like Giggs, Scholes to name a few. As I said in the Pro Evo review, the game play is top class and the way gaming companies are stepping up their “game” is unbelievable. After a few hours of FIFA 11, we ended up switching the channel to some real footy and I honestly couldn’t tell the difference. I have to say though, FIFA’s game play is easier than Pro Evo.  The tricks and R2/L2 button combinations are out of this world. What I could sense the most with FIFA 11 was the way that star players actually played like star players and someone like Drogba was physically more powerful than other players which is good to see. Each team has their star players which you should be allowed to use to their advantage- something that FIFA does very well. Also the option to take off the ‘com’ help and allow it to be full first player orientated styled play is another bonus.

Take a look at the FIFA 11 trailor:

Here is a video I found to show a little comparison between Pro Evo v FiFa 11… What do you think of this?

Now here comes my main issue: I have played both games numerous times and I still cant find a winner. I am leaning slightly more to FIFA11 overall but in terms of game play and graphics I might have to let Pro Evo take this one. That said, the game set up and pre game mapping FIFA 11 has to take that. So I have set up a poll below to find out what your thoughts are on this… You can also comment on this article and let me know what you think is your favourite?

Pro Evo or FIFA?

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  1. Pascal: Thanks for clearing that up… Hence the reason why I called ths the “Endless Debate” cause thats.

    Maybe I was super blazed but I found that when the teams were lining up, I couldnt see any badges, stripes were faded, just looked shitty! But then again, FIFA has all the rights, where as Pro Evo is still trying to buy them all right?


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