Private Number

eff private number

Private fucking number… who thought of that shit? It is the worst idea in the world. I mean, if you work for Virgin Active’s debt collection service, at least use your local land line and I will answer(maybe), but stop with the Private number. Why would you not want me to know who you are? I wont answer your call, EVER! *grins*

I got a few tips on how to sort that out though, if someone phones you from a private number you can:

  • Answer it and turn it face down and waste all their airtime/phone bills
  • Answer it, hold the phone to your ear and hear if anyone says anything, see if you recognise the voice, if not… hang up! 🙂
  • Hang up completely on them while they still ringing you.

The funniest thing about writing this article now is that my phone just rang and guess what, it was a private number! I will leave it up to you to decide which choice from the above I decided to use on this devilish person for calling me off a private number…

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  1. make sure not to SEO this post or maybe virgin might come a knocking 😀

    funniest shit ever!

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