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I haven’t even arrived in Amsterdam yet, but already I have some exciting stuff in the works. For those who aren’t aware, a few months ago I was given the opportunity to cover three days of Dekmantel Festival via MyCityByNight, and off the back of that I have subsequently been given the privilege of covering yet another fantastic event – this time in the form of Loveland Festival! Unlike Dekmantel, Loveland is only a one-day event, yet still manages to cram an enormous amount of artists into that time-frame. One of the ‘original Dutch dance promoters’, Loveland Events has been running parties since 1995 with a vision of merging high-quality production with an equally impressive line-up of some of house and techno’s most in-demand artists.

The event that I will be covering will take place in Sloterpark Amsterdam on the 13th of August 2016 and is known specifically as ‘Loveland Festival’. I re-iterate this because Loveland is responsible for a variety of other festivals under the same moniker. These include upcoming events such as Loveland ADE (in partnership with Afterlife, ENTER. and Circoloco respectively) and Loveland Live, as well as past events such as 909 Festival (which also hosted Jeff Mills’ Time Tunnel this year).

August’s festival will play host to six different stages, each of which is responsible for showcasing different groups of artists, from your archetypal ‘headliners’ to more ‘underground’ artists (there is even a stage dedicated solely to artists who perform ‘live’). Having said this, the selection of artists is extremely vast, especially for a single-day festival. But to give you a sense, here are some of my picks per stage:


Living up to its name, this stage is home to the ‘headliners’. One can expect some of the world’s biggest names in Techno from around the globe.

My Picks: Alan Fitzpatrick, Sven Väth

Why?: Alan Fitzpatrick has been a big influence on me from when I first started getting into techno. He is a master of the ‘big room’ sound, and needless to say he knows how to mesmerize a large crowd. As for Sven Väth… nuff said. I would’ve also mentioned Richie Hawtin, but I recently saw him at The Block in Tel Aviv, and that was enough to satisfy me (although, seeing him at an outdoor venue is sure to provide a different experience)


It’s all in the name. This stage is clearly focused on Techno, and Techno only! From the young guns to the more established names, I’m sure I will be spending a lot of time here!

My Picks: Ben Sims, Marcel Fengler, Secret Cinema

Why?: Ben Sims is always refreshing! He’s one of the few guys who has never compromised on his unique style with amazing productions and technically astounding DJ sets to back it up. With a raw edge that focuses on the more ‘classic’ sounds of house and techno, I look for forward to a signature timeless set from the man from the UK. Marcel Fengler, another talent that keeps thing raw and pounding! An early resident of the legendary Berghain, I anticipate some darker, tougher sounds after the sun goes down. Finally, Secret Cinema, an absolute gentleman and an equally phenomenal producer, DJ and label-owner who has been involved in the development of the Dutch scene from the early years. Partially responsible for my being able to cover the festival, I look forward to another grooving set after having seen him destroy Era in Cape Town in May of this year.


Dedicated to those who perform with hardware and craft their music live and on-the-fly, it is not often that one sees a stage solely committed to ‘live’ performers. Luckily the Loveland guys have sourced some of the best!

My Picks: Detroit Swindle, Stephan Bodzin

Why?: Detroit Swindle have been one of my favourites on the house side of the spectrum. I can’t think of any release from them that I haven’t enjoyed! So, needless to say it will be great to see a set consisting fully of original material. I also missed them when they performed in South Africa, so it will be great to make up for that! Then there is Stephan Bodzin… there’s not much that needs to be said here. He is one of the father’s of the ‘live-set’. With his own custom-made controller and an undeniably signature sound, it is no wonder that he is one of the most in-demand live acts at the moment. I’ve seen the videos, I’ve heard the stories, so I’m most excited to see the man in action live and in-the-flesh.

Other notable mentions:

At the NEST stage my picks are: Butch and Subb-An, at RISE my picks are: Solomun and Sasha, while at UNDERGROUND my picks are: Fur Coat and Hernan Cattaneo respectively.

If the line-up is anything to go by, the festival clearly looks set to impress! And if that isn’t enough, the visual experience looks to be on a seriously high level as well. If you don’t believe me, take a look at this year’s promo video below!

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