Press Play, Imagine

Here at MCBN we love that the young (and more) taste-makers, change-makers and ‘inspirators’ are doing so much awesome to make our South Africa not just a better place for now, but for the future. From the world of tech innovation to the people making a difference across all industries and doing there bit for us, South Africans.

Press Play, Imagine is a film about just that, the change-makers working towards social change in South Africa to inspire a transformation of the human environment.
Grounded in sustainable development and entrepreneurship the film illuminates a simple truth; accomplishing global change is possible, through the inspiration of a positive global community.

Directed by Dan ‘The Director’ Mace, who gave us the great video ‘Disguised In Nature‘, this really is a great initiative that we at MCBN really support and hope does really well!

This man really is a talented film maker, and as a betting man, I would watch this space for massive things for him in the future… A future with little gold statues we hope!

Get your tissues ready, and watch the video, because it is awesome… Then go visit and #MySprout your awesome, you wonderful MCBN’ers!

Press Play, Imagine. #MySprout

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